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Learning the Chinese Language

On this page you´ll find extensive information about learning the Chinese language efficiently and fast. The page is divided into two sections - please scroll down or click to go to:

I. Learn Chinese at home     II. Language Schools in China

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I. Learn Chinese at home:

To learn the Chinese language at home by means of books, cassettes, CDs or DVDs is a convenient and affordable way of learning. You don´t rely on someone, and you decide when to learn, how long, how often and how much.

For better results you might try to find someone in your neighbourhood who can speak Chinese to practice your spoken Chinese.

Our recommendation for Chinese language courses at home:

WorldLanguage.com - The Ultimate Language Store

WorldLanguage.com has gathered lots of general information about China on this page - unfortunately some of the information is outdated.

Its Chinese Language Store has over 1.200 products related to the Chinese language available - products like beginners/advanced language courses, dictionaries, fonts, games, movies, videos, Chinese software and systems. Each product has its own brief description, some even have a more detailed description of all the features, how to use the program etc. WorldLanguage.com offers lots of special deals where you can save up to 50% off the normal price.

Visit here the store for Chinese language products.

Visit here the store dedicated to tools for learning the Chinese language - there are over 150 products in this store.

Click here to visit the store dedicated to Cantonese Chinese.

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chinese language courses

II. Chinese Language Schools and Courses in China:

The best way to learn the Chinese language is in China, preferrably in Peking where the official Chinese language, Standard Mandarin or Putonghua, is spoken. Only here you can achieve the best and fastest results because you get into contact with Chinese people and language not only during your language course but virtually all day long. Besides that, you have the opportunity to visit famous places, meet new Chinese friends and buy Chinese stuff.

World-wide there are thousands of language schools offering Chinese language courses. To find the right one in your home town is difficult already. And it´s even more difficult when you are searching for the right school and Chinese course far away in China.

This is the reason we at "CHINA-KONTOR Your Gateway to the Chinese World" recommend:

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1. LanguageCourse.Net - the most comprehensive source for Language Travel

On LanguageCourse.Net you can compare more than 1.000 courses world-wide and many Chinese courses inside China and book conveniently online at the lowest prices on the net. You even get a 5% DISCOUNT on the official school prices. Excellent information and definitely the best prices you will find!

Visit the Language Course Expert Guide of LanguageCourse.Net,
where you get objective information and help on how to choose the right (Chinese) language course for you.

Click here for free comparison of accredited language schools in China (Peking, Guangzhou, Shanghai) and DISCOUNT BOOKING.

China visa information page: This is a very useful page containing information on visa requirements for China.

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