"CHINA-KONTOR Thomas Pfaab GbR" has created this Terms of Service in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to our customers. The following discloses the advertising practices for this Web site: CHINA-KONTOR Your Gateway to the Chinese World.


We accept JPG and (animated) GIF banners of all common sizes. The banner size should be no more than 150 KB. All banner(s) must be received no less than 72 hours before the start of the advertising period and the banner(s) must be approved by CHINA-KONTOR before the advertising will run. Send your banner(s) using our order form.

CHINA-KONTOR will not accept sponsors or banners that are not appropriate for all audiences.

We refuse banners on the following subjects or campaigns for web sites promoting: pornography; warez; activities, services, web sites or products, that promote hatred, racism, violence or anarchy related content; any other illegal activity.


We are open to all your wishes regarding the placement of your banner(s) on our web site. You might want to place one banner just on one of our pages, on different pages or different banners on different pages of our web site. Please indicate your preferences on our order form. Due to technical reasons the maximum sizes of banners that will be placed on top of our pages are:
Width = 470 pixel, Height = 70 pixel.

All banners exceeding this size will be placed inside the body of our pages
(according to your preferences).


For first-time customers payment must be made upfront before the advertising period can begin.
Once credit has been established then payment is due net 30 days from first scheduled run date.
You can pay in advance with Credit Card (through PayPal): PayPal accepts Amex, Visa and MasterCard. Information about PayPal can be found here.

For other ways of payment please contact us.

CHINA-KONTOR reserves the right to change advertising rates at any time. Our rates (see the Advertising page) are effective as of January 01, 2002. All sales are final. Minimum amount of each advertising campaign: USD 25.00. Two-week notification required for cancellation.


If you have any more questions about advertising on our web site, you can contact:

Erlenweg 19
83109 Grosskarolinenfeld

Fax +49-8031-50382
Email Contact
Person to contact: Mr. Thomas Pfaab


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